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Tirupati Engineering Co introduces high-quality Gabion Boxes in Bahrain, providing robust solutions for diverse industrial needs. As a trusted provider, we specialize in offering top-tier engineering solutions, with a focus on delivering premium Gabion Box in Bahrain. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for secure and efficient gabion solutions tailored to specific requirements in Bahrain.

Gabion Box Manufacturers in Bahrain

We adhere to the highest industry standards throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring precision engineering that results in top-of-the-line gabion solutions in Bahrain characterized by maximum strength and durability. Opting for our Gabion Boxes in Bahrain means choosing excellence, reliability, and solutions designed to meet the most stringent quality requirements. Recognizing the integral role that Gabion Boxes play in various applications, we stand as leading Gabion Box Manufacturers in Bahrain.

Gabion Boxes Suppliers in Bahrain

Our Gabion Boxes solutions in Bahrain are well-regarded for their robustness and versatility. As exporters, we ensure that our products precisely meet specific needs while offering cost-effective solutions in Bahrain. Tirupati Engineering Co takes pride in being your trusted Gabion Boxes Exporters in Bahrain. When you choose us, you partner with a company that prioritizes quality, reliability, and the delivery of Gabion Boxes tailored to your unique requirements in Bahrain.

Top-rated Gabion Box Manufacturer
Gabion Box Manufacturers in Bahrain Gabion Box Manufacturers in Bahrain

Tirupati Engineering Co’s Gabion Boxes widely used in India and worldwide, are double twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh cages formed to fill with rock and stone. It is also pronounced as Gabion Basket, Gabion Wall, Hexagonal Basket, and Gabion. With Gabion Box, it is possible to produce extremely economical and natural-looking solutions, especially in places where stone filling material can be found easily. The use of gabions is not only limited to retaining structures but can also be used in stream bed improvement applications.

Tirupati Engineering Co is North East India’s largest gabion box manufacturer & supplier. We have expertise in manufacturing PVC Coated Gabion Boxes and G.I Gabion Baskets with the latest updated specification as per Indian standards

We also take turnkey work for the Supply and installation of Mechanically woven double twisted hexagonal shaped wire mesh gabion boxes as per IS 16014-2018, MORTH Clause 2500

Top-rated Gabion Box Manufacturer

Gabion Baskets manufactured by Tirupati Engineering Co are mainly of 4 types with different mesh sizes and wire diameters-:

  1. Galvanized Hexagonal Shaped Wire Mesh Gabion Boxes
  2. Galvanized + PVC Coated Hexagonal Shaped Wire Mesh Gabion Boxes (Zinc + Polyvinyl Chloride)
  3. Zn/ Zn AL Alloy Gabion Boxes (Zinc + 10% Al Alloy)
  4. Zn/ Zn AL Alloy Gabion Baskets (Zinc + 5% Al Alloy)
  5. Zn/ Zn AL Alloy + PVC Coated Gabion Boxes (Zinc + 10% Al Alloy + PVC Coated)
  6. Zn/ Zn AL Alloy + Polymer Coated Gabion Boxes (Zinc + 10% Al Alloy + Polyamide PA6)
Flexible With High Strength-:
Flexible With High Strength-:

The double-Twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh structure tolerates huge forces without breaking or cracking. Well-made Gabion Wall can exist in perfect condition for many decades.

Flexible With High Strength-:

Galvanized Wire Mesh structures have a very long life. We offer gabions with a variety of coatings i.e PVC coating, galfan + PVC, and PA6, that increase the working life of the structure.


Gabion boxes are transported into folded sheets which are easy to assemble. It requires no construction materials for its installation.

Gabion Boxes for Land Retension Gabion Structure for retaining Wall Gabion Baskets for demarcation Gabion Crate Protection Toe Wall Gabion rolls for slope protection Hexagonal Wire Mesh for embankment protection & soil erosion control


The Indian Standard Specification for Hexagonal Double Twisted Gabion Boxes: IS – 16014:2018. The gabion boxes should confirm to IS: 16014. Basically, it standardizes the Dimensional, Physical & Chemical features of the gabion baskets, which include:

  • Size of the Mesh – 100x120 mm, 80x100 mm, 60x80 mm
  • Diameter of Galvanized Mesh Wire - 70, 3.00, 4.00 mm (BS EN 10218-2 Class A)
  • Diameter of Galvanized Edge Wire 40, 3.90 mm (BS EN 10218-2 Class A)
  • Diameter of G.I+PVC Coated Mesh Wire - 70/3.70 mm (BS EN 10218-2 Class A)
  • Diameter of G.I+PVC Coated Edge Wire 40/4.40 mm mm (BS EN 10218-2 Class A)
  • Box Sizes 1x1x1, 2x1x1, 3x1x1, 4x1x1 and customised also.
  • Tensile Strength of the material along with chemical composition
  • Salt spray test of PVC Coating.
  • of Mesh - 10 Numbers of mesh openings per meter of mesh perpendicular to the twist
  • Diaphragm- partition at every 1m interval

Gabion structure with Mechanically Woven Double Twisted Hexagonal Shaped Wire mesh Gabion Boxes as per IS 16014:2012, MORTH Clause 2500, Mesh Type 10x12 (D=100 mm with tolerance of ± 2%) zinc coated & pvc coated of required size is mainly used in government departments.

Gabion Box of size 2mtr x 1mtr x 1mtr is a standard size that is usually used in projects. PVC coating on gabion boxes is of high-quality polymer to resist any corrosion environments.

All corners of gabion boxes are machine edged automatically to provide better durability.


As per the site requirements & specifications of the client, we have classified the below details:


100 x 120 MM

(Standard Size)

80 x 100 MM

60 x 80 MM


2.70 MM


3.00 MM


2.7/3.7 MM



3.40 MM


3.90 MM


3.4/4.4 MM



2.20 MM


2.2/3.2 MM



(Can be customized as per site requirements)








Double Twisted hexagonal wire mesh gabions best price in India is offered by us in Siliguri, West Bengal. Approximately based on standard specifications, Gabion boxes rates are as below-:

  • I Gabion Boxes price per sq.meter is Rs 250
  • PVC Coated Double Twisted Gabion Baskets prices per box is Rs 2800.
  • Gabions of mesh 100x120 mm price per CUM is Rs 1250

Gabion Box in West Bengal manufactured by Tirupati Engineering Co, complies all the ASTM and IS Specifications and is of the best quality


The weight of Gabion boxes ranges from 1.0 Kg per sq mtr, upto 4.0 Kgs per Sq Mtr

The weight of double twisted Gabion baskets mainly depends on two vital parameters:

  • Mesh Size
  • Diameter of the Mesh Wire
  • Form – Galvanized / PVC Coating / Polymer Coating
  • Zinc Coating – Light / Medium / Heavy Coating

The most common size is 100 x 120 mm Mesh Size with 2.70 mm Hot Dipped galvanized Wire. As per IS 16014, the weight of 100x120 mm with 2.70 mm mesh wire is around 1.4 kgs per sq mtr. For exact weights with technical specifications, please contact us.


Gabion boxes are very easy to install. Tirupati Engineering Co provide installation services of gabion box and building a complete retaining wall.

Gabian Wire crates are assembled and connected to one another using specified lacing wire can be used as internal connecting wires when a structure requires more than one layer of gabions to be stacked on top of each other. Internal connecting wires with lacing wire shall connect the exposed face of a cell to the opposite side of the cell.



Woven gabions have been collapsed and packaged on pallet to facilitate shipment and transport

Woven gabion basket panel in package


Unpack gabion basket and unfold it.

Unfolded gabion baskets panels


Erect each side and assemble it into a cage-like container. Tie each thick edge together by binding wire.

The lacing procedure is as follows:

  • Cut a length of lacing wire approximately 1-1/2 times the distance to be laced. This length of wire may not exceed 1.65 mt.
  • Secure the wire terminal at the corner by looping and twisting
  • Start lacing with single and double loops at approximately 100 mm.
  • Securely fasten the other lacing wire terminal


Choose rigid and breakage-proof stones. Stones come in 75mm to 250mm.

Choose stones for filling gabion basket


Put chosen stones into the basket.

Place the big stones around the baskets and the front side where will undertake huge impacts. While small stones are placed at the bottom.

Huge stones are placed around the basket to bear impacts

Place wire reinforcements in each direction every twelve inches to retain the shape of the basket.(see the picture below)

When filling stones, double twisted binding wire is employed to connect the neighboring sides at the height of 1/3 and 2/3. The binding wire is designed to stabilize the structure. Generally, the stones should be 50mm higher than the basket body.


Stretch the lid tightly and make sure its four edged wires overlap with the body’s wire. Then fasten the lid with binding wire. Now, a qualified gabion basket is created.

A gabion basket filled with stones is completed and can be used.


Secure the tops of the baskets with a galvanized wire and lace the baskets to each other (see the above picture). The length of wire needs to be about 1.5 times the length to be laced. Wire longer than 5 feet is difficult to handle. Secure one end at a corner, and lace the wire by alternating single and double loops at 5 inch intervals. Secure the wire again at the end. Wire the baskets shut and wire them to each other

Gabion Box
Gabion Box
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