Razor Mesh

Razor Mesh in West Bengal

At Tirupati Engineering Co, we take pride in being a leading provider of high-quality fencing solutions. We offer Razor Mesh in West Bengal, providing enhanced security for various applications. Our commitment to security and protection is embodied in our state-of-the-art product, Razor Mesh. Our durable Razor Mesh products deter unauthorized access and perimeter breaches, ensuring security and peace of mind. We design Razor Mesh products with durability and strength to meet the strict security needs of various industries and sectors.

Razor Mesh Manufacturers in West Bengal

We adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring that our Razor Mesh products are not only reliable but also cost-effective. As leading Razor Mesh Manufacturers in West Bengal, we take pride in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that enable us to produce top-of-the-line security solutions. Our talented professionals provide innovative and customized security solutions for our esteemed clients. We strive to exceed customer expectations and offer unmatched security solutions for peace of mind.

Razor Welded Mesh Suppliers in India

With a focus on precision engineering and uncompromising quality, our Razor Welded Mesh products are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide long-term security solutions. We have established ourselves as reputable Razor Welded Mesh Exporters in India, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality security solutions to clients across various industries. We aim to foster strong and lasting relationships with our clients, prioritizing their security needs and ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery. 

Razor Welded Mesh Manufacturer in India
Razor Mesh Manufacturers in West Bengal Razor Mesh Manufacturers in West Bengal

Razor Welded Mesh Fencing manufacturer and supplier – Tirupati Engineering Co, Siliguri. Razor Welded Mesh Fencing represents the pinnacle of modern security fencing technology. It combines the robustness of welded mesh with the deterrence of razor-sharp barbs, creating an impenetrable barrier that effectively safeguards your assets. The welded blade razor mesh fence is made of straight-line razor wire. Because of the blade, people can’t climb and catch the fence, so it can avoid the invasion effectively. Compared with the barbed razor wire coil, the barbed wire fence will get a firmer structure and cannot drill past it.


  1. High Security: Razor Welded Mesh provides top-tier security, thanks to its combination of welded mesh panels and strategically positioned razor-sharp barbs. It acts as a powerful deterrent against intruders.
  2. Durable Construction: The razor mesh panels are constructed using high-tensile spring steel wire of minimum zinc coating of 275 GSM and galvanized sheets as used in manufacturing straight razor wire.
  3. Rust Resistance: Tirupati Engineering Co’s Razor Welded Mesh can be thermoplastic powder coated of minimum 250 microns to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan.
Specification Of Razor Mesh Fence

Tirupati Engineering Co manufactures razor welded mesh as per the specific requirements of the client. Here are some typical specifications:

  1. Mesh Size of razor welded mesh: Mesh size refers to the spacing between the wires in the razor welded mesh. Common mesh sizes for Razor Welded Mesh Fences range from 75mm x 75mm to 200mm x 200mm, although custom sizes are also available.
  2. Wire Diameter and strip mesh: The wire diameter and strip thickness determine the thickness and strength of the mesh. 2.50 mm high tensile spring steel wire as per IS 4454 is used for razor wire.
  3. Panel Height: Razor Welded Mesh Fence panels come in various heights, often ranging from 1.8 meters to 3 meters or more. Custom heights can be manufactured to suit specific requirements.
  4. Panel Length: The length of each panel can vary, but standard lengths are often 2.5 meters to 3 meters. Longer panels reduce the number of posts required for installation.
  5. Coating: Razor Welded Mesh is usually made from galvanized steel to enhance its durability and resistance to corrosion. Additional coatings, such as Dual Powder Coating or Thermoplastic powder coat, can be applied to improve aesthetics and provide extra protection for at least 10-15 years
  6. Razor Barb Type: The type of razor barb used can vary. Common types include BTO-22, BTO-28, and CBT-65. The choice depends on the desired level of security.
  7. Post Specifications: Specifications for fence posts include their height, thickness, and the material used.
  8. Topping Options: Some Razor Welded Mesh Fences come with optional toppings like barbed wire or concertina wire to further enhance security
Razor Mesh
Razor Mesh
Razor Welded Mesh Fencing Price in India

The price of Razor welded mesh depends on panel height, length, mesh size and thickness of core wire and strip.

  • Razor welded mesh price per sqm is Rs 890/-
  • Razor Mesh rate per sqft is Rs 90/-

Razor welded mesh for sale in Siliguri, West Bengal by Tirupati Engineering Co. Contact us for the best prices


Razor mesh fencing installation is done by our expert installation in Siliguri, West Bengal. We provide end to end solutions for complete fencing work.

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