Welded Gabions

Welded Gabions in West Bengal

At Tirupati Engineering Co, we specialize in crafting top-quality welded gabions that cater to a diverse array of construction needs across West Bengal. Our Welded Gabions in West Bengal are meticulously designed to provide exceptional structural integrity and robust support for various civil engineering and landscaping projects. With a commitment to precision engineering and durability, our welded gabions are crafted to withstand varying environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and security for your projects.

Welded Gabions Manufacturers in West Bengal

Whether for erosion control, retaining walls, or architectural cladding, our welded gabions are tailored to seamlessly integrate into your project requirements. As leading Welded Gabions Manufacturers in West Bengal, we prioritize the use of high-grade materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, ensuring that each gabion meets the highest industry standards. We understand the importance of reliable infrastructure, which is why our products undergo rigorous quality checks to guarantee superior performance and longevity.

Welded Mesh Gabions Suppliers in India

Our commitment to delivering excellence extends beyond the product itself; we provide personalized solutions and exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless experience from inquiry to installation. Being prominent Welded Mesh Gabions Exporters in India, we take pride in our comprehensive product range that caters to the diverse needs of our esteemed clients. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we continue to set benchmarks in the industry, offering superior welded mesh gabions that meet and exceed your expectations for quality, reliability, and affordability.

Welded Gabions Manufacturers in West Bengal Welded Gabions Manufacturers in West Bengal

Tirupati Engineering Co’s welded gabion units consist of panels of quality welded wire mesh, secured together to form a gabion unit, which is filled on-site with gabion stone to form the appropriate structure. Our welded mesh gabion units have been successfully used within free-standing retaining walls, cladding, and other features within the built environment. Compared to woven hexagonal mesh, welded gabions are more rigid in shape which cannot easily bulge out when filled with stones.


  • Durable structure with greater strength than ordinary gabion boxes.
  • Better shape control.
  • Utmost corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Aesthetically appearance.
  • Quality high tensile wire.
  • ASTM A974-97 Standard Specification.
  • Application in slope protection, military defence, road protection, retaining walls, and fireplaces.
Applications Of Welded Gabions
Erosion Control
Erosion Control

Prevent soil erosion and stabilize slopes with our gabion solutions.

Erosion Control
Retaining Wall

Retaining wall for slope protection with welded gabions.

Rapid Wall
Rapid Wall

Walls can be constructed rapidly using welded gabions

1 m x 1 m x 0.5 m N.A 3.00 mm 4.00 mm 5.00 mm (Hot dipped galvanized as per IS 4826 or GALFAN Coated) 75x50 mm 75x75 mm Or customised Powder Coated 60-80 microns with RAL 6005
1 m x 1 m x 1 m N.A
1.5 m x 1 m x 0.5 m N.A
1.5 m x 1 m x 1 m N.A
2 m x 1 m x 0.5 m 1
2 m x 1 m x 1 m 1
3 m x 1 m x 0.5 m 2
3 m x 1 m x 1 m 2
Other Applications Of Welded Gabions
Architectural Design
Architectural Design

Use gabions for innovative architectural and design elements.

Architectural Design

Create stunning, natural-looking retaining walls and landscape features

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